Hard Rock Hydraulics: An Introduction to Modeling:An Introduction to Modeling



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Modelling the hydraulic behavior of a rock mass is an essential task in mining and civil engineering or for aquifers performance prediction. It calls for a balanced compromise between:- The selection and the evaluation of the variables that reasonably describe the hydraulic properties and behavior of rock masses, sometimes constrained by the particularities of mining and civil works or the hydrogeological context.- The system of differential equations connecting hydraulic properties, variables and constraints, usually applied to a group of different rock types, often separated by non-planar contacts. - The solution of this system of equations, able to depict the space-time evolution of the chosen variables, though grounded on energy and mass conservation principles.This book aims to help readers solve practical problems regarding hydrogeology, mining and civil applications. It covers some topics concerning soil and fractured rock hydraulics modelling and at the same time it explains and exemplifies the use of 3D and 2D simple numerical solutions for some large-scale real problems, but under a tensor approach. Additionally, it presents fundamentals and basic concepts of approximate solutions. Special topics on groundwater investigation and data analysis techniques are discussed within a probabilistic context.Devoted to soils and rocks masses under varying weathering degrees, this book provides tools to solve various problems. Chapter 1 reviews the fundamentals of soil and rock hydraulics under a tensor approach. Chapter 2 presents some key concepts concerning approximate solutions. Chapter 3 discusses a few important questions on groundwater field investigation and data analysis techniques. Chapter 4 presents 3D finite difference algorithms under a tensor approach to simulate practical problems, without restricting the geometry and properties of their discontinuities. Chapter 5 summarizes and discusses five large-scale real examples.This book will be o...
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