New Guinea: Research from an Heterogeneous Island: Proceedings of the Biological Society of New Guinea Meeting at Wau Ecology Inst


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Table of Contents Forest Structure of a Montane Rain Forest in Wau, Morobe Province by Robert Kiapranis & Balun Lawong Study on the Biological Diversity of Hunstein Range, East Sepik Province by Balun Lawong, Artis Vinas & Larry Orsak Vegetation Analysis of the Waena-Polimak Forests by Rosye H. R. Tanjung Characteristic Epiphyte Species of the Montane Forests in Morobe Province by Robert H ft & Martina H ft The Highland Vegetation of Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya by Rosye H. R. Tanjung Photocopies of the Plants of the PNG University of Technology Campus by Jonathan C. Reid An Exploration of Cultivated Banana Cultivars in Yoom-Nuni Village of Manokwari District by Marina Justina Sasoetoeboen & A. Kilmaskossu Variation within Pometia (Sapindaceae) Species in Papua New Guinea by Kipiro Damas Preliminary Assessment of Antibacterial Activity of Some Traditional Medicinal Plants in Morobe Province by David Timi Wati, A Powerful Plant Beverage - An Ethnobotanical Case of the Marind Anim, Irian Jaya by Markus Warip Patterns of Beetle Species Diversity in Castanopsis acuminatissima (Fagaceae) Trees Studied with Canopy Fogging Techniques in Mid-Montane New Guinea Rain Forest by Allen Allison, Soctt Miller & Allan Samuelson Novel Anti-Predator Strategies in Papua New Guinea Moths: Spider, Evil Face, and Preying Mantid Images by Larry Orsak Can Apparent Leaf Damage in Tropical Trees Be Predicted by Herbivore Load or Host-Related Variables? by Yves Basset & Robert H ft Note on Studies of the Breeding Behaviour of Taro Beetle Papuana sp. by Sim Sar & Benjamin Niangu The Life Cycle of Ornithoptera priamus poseidon Doubleday Lepidoptera: Papilionidae] at Fulica Butterfly Farm in Manokwari, Irian Jaya by S. Joris, J. P. Nerokouw, R. Angrianto & Alexander Yaku Main Insect Pests of Maize in the Papua New Guinea lowland: Their Predators and Parasitoids by Jan Breithapt The Use of Plant-Derived Pesticides in Integrated Pest Management in Papua New Guinea by Jan Breithapt Biological Monitoring of Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in the Fly River System by Andrew W. Storey & Andy Y. Maic The Freshwater Fishes of Lake Sentani, Jayapura, Irian Jaya by Samuel J. Reenyan The Diet of Five Species of New Guinean Rodents by Karen Jackson & Patricia A. Wooley Fruit Bats of Mansinam Island, Irian Jaya by Matheus Kilmaskossu Survey of the Avifauna of Kuper Range, Morobe Province by Martin Hutten, Philippe Cu noud & Robert H ft The Regeneration Potential of a Submontane Grassland Site in Wau, Morobe Province by Robert H ft, Sigrun Lange & Otto Spang Rates of Litter Decomposition in Different Habitats in Bulolo Area, Morobe Province by Balun Lawong, Tolusina Pouli & Galus Wasukware Anton Reseeding of Selectively Felled Hardwood Forests from Buffer Zones at Open Bay Timber Area, PNG by Robert Kiapranis & Kipiro Damas Towards Conservation and Industry Development: Orchid Research in PNG by Neville H. S. Howecroft Putting Science into the Art of Birdwing Butterfly Ranching and Conservation by Larry Orsak Use and Conservation of Papua New Guinea's Forests by Bas T. Louman
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